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THE "BUY 1, GIVE 1" program started in 2010 by the initiative of the Gavin family in Canada, ecojot. The program is based on a simple premise: With the purchase of a jumbo journal, ecojot will give a workbook to a child in need.


Many children in developing countries cannot attend school because they lack basic school supplies. ECOJOT is committed to supporting children's arts, literacy and education.

Ecojot and The Schoolbag (www.theschoolbag.org), a non-profit organization that provide eco-conscious school supplies to students have partnered to bring  22,000 ecojot workbooks and in addition will be donating hundreds of sharpers,  pencils, pens and rulers to children in Haiti on September 16, 2011.

On September 22nd, 2011 the Schoolbag team visited 5 schools, focusing on the Cite Soleil area. With the help of Mark and Nick from ecojot we were able to deliver over 3000 books made from Arjowiggins Creative Papers - Official and essential school supplies to Haitian students. "It's our first day and we can already feel the overwhelming spirit and passion education from these beautiful people", says Erin Schrode, Founder of the Schoolbag.org.

For the latest pictures on ecojot's trip to Haiti with the Schoolbag team visit us on Pinterest


To date with the support of Ecojot customers, Ecojot has donated 200,000 notebooks to countries all over the world including, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Poland, and Zimbabwe.

Ecojot's mission is to continue giving to children around the world, help Ecojot reach their goal of giving MORE!